You write a message.
The next player Tweets it.

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What is the Tweet Roulette game?

The game is simple: you write a Tweet, and it will be posted from the next player's account... but you'll have to do the same!

Is this game idea completely batsh*t crazy? Absolutely!

Has Apple rejected the iOS app back in 2017? Of course!

Did we make it anyway? You bet!

A few reviews that are 100% fictitious...

A fictitious review's author picture

Somehow it got me tweeting promos about some random guy's mixtape.

This is ridiculous.

A fictitious review's author picture


That's all it made me Tweet out. Thanks, Tweet Roulette.

A fictitious review's author picture

This is f*cking ridiculous. Why would I ever let someone else Tweet from my account?

Fuck it, I'm in.

Are you really so serious you can't Tweet one dumb thing?

Yep. That's our pitch.

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